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In Sozopol there are a few areas - four urban and three suburban, and one rural area. Urban areas are: Old town, New town, Misarya and Budjaka.

The Old town undoubtedly is the most attractive and popular part of Sozopol. But in this area the property demand is limited, insofar as there are strict restrictions on construction. There are proposals for the sale mainly of house, both old and renovated, and very new, almost all of them built in the typical style of the Bulgarian Renaissance. Most of the houses are monuments of culture and preservation of the appearance of the houses is controlled by the governmental and municipal authorities. As a rule, the houses have very small plots, often even non-existent yard, and the house is only sold with the land on which built. Another feature is that most of the houses have common walls with the neighbouring houses. Sometimes in the Old town, there are offered for sale single floors in the house, and in very rare cases you can find plots of land or flats. Real estate prices in Old town are higher than in the rest of the city, and almost always about more than 1000 Euro/sq m.

The New town is an area that has developed from the beginning and middle of the last century, when the city began to grow and the Old Town, the actual ancient Apollonia later Sozopolis, was already small for all residents. At the end of the century in New Town are already live most of the locals. And here the buildings are mostly single-or two-family, and in recent years it has been built apartment buildings. To find a plot of land for construction in the New city is not easy, so often new buildings are being built in the place of old houses in return for compensation for land owners - they receive apartments in buildings constructed. In such buildings apartments often have been sold even before construction is fully completed. The demand is high, because the infrastructure in the New town is modern and well developed, the beaches are close, and the Old town is not far. Prices for apartments in the New town, depending primarily on the view and number of floor, are on average about 700 to 850-950 Euro/sq. m. Houses in a New townare also with not very large yards, as a rule, about 300 sq m and there are available for sale  individual houses with yaedand houses type "townhouse". Houses prices in New town, as a rule, do not define per square meter, but rather depends on the location, the size of the yard, year of construction, the view. Vacant land plots for construction in the New city, as we have said, it is rare to find and the price can reach 300 euros/sq m and more for the best locations.

Misarya is a new area of the city, a natural extension of the New town in the South-West direction. This urban area has a General plan, which provides here to be build a bus station, hospital and other public and commercial facilities, and residential buildings with a maximum height of 10 meters, situated on plots of an average of 300 to 450 sq m. Several years ago the district began to be built up, first in nearest to the New city sections, as there is available the necessary infrastructure. Offered for sale is mostly apartments and plots of land. Prices of apartments start from 600 Euro/sq m, an average of about 700-750 EUR/sq. m, the prices of land are from 80 to 120 euros/sq. m.  Misarya is a bit away from the beach, at different areas from 8 to 10-12 minute walk, but it will be quiet and peaceful area, without the heavy traffic and noisy entertainment facilities.

Budjaka, fourth district, is very different from the other three by its low density and building height. Therefore, the properties in Budjaka have almost always beautiful sea views. In close to Sozopol-part construction has a more modern style, a more urban type, but on a Peninsula it is closer to the atmosphere of the Old town. The area is noticeably greener, more picturesque and quiet compared to the central part of Sozopol. The resort occupies a large area that starts from the South beach of Sozopol and ends on the beach of "Kavatsite" and in the most remote point is located about 3 km from the town centre and about 2 km from the nearest beach. In season, there is public transportation – auto train, which travels to and from the Central part of the town every 30 minutes. Until recently, Budjaka could be considered as a suburban area, but in recent years there began to live  year-round, more and more people, including local residents. In Budjaka there are offered for sale any type of property - apartments, houses in complexes, individual houses, land plots for building and land plots which are subject to regulation. Prices for apartments in Budzhaka begin an average of about 625 Euro/sq m, but can reach more than 1000 Euro/sq m for apartments on absolute seafront. Houses in complexes without their own yard, usually offered at prices ranging from 100 000 to 180 000 Euro. Individual houses with a plot are more expensive, from 250 000 to 600 000 euros. Land in Budjaka is at prices about 80 Euro/sq m - 120 Euro/sq m, but you can find good plots with sea views for around 60 Euro/sq m. Plots on the first line are rare and have higher prices, approximately 150 Euro/sq m.

Suburban districts of Sozopol can be called with different names of localities - Mapi, Achmalatsi, Gereni, Saint Marina, Kavatsite, Sinetudis, etc., but since they are little known to a wide audience, we preferred to unite them in three more significant from the point of view of real estate acquisition areas - Royal beach, Kavatsite and Dunes.

Royal beach is the popular name of the beach in the bay between Sozopol and Chernomorets. Wide popularity are camping on this beach - a Gradina,that falls into the territory of Chernomorets and Golden fish. Construction in this area began relatively recently, characterized by larger size, these are complexes with lots of apartments and its own infrastructure. The largest of these projects is the complex of Santa Marina, which in the East has almost reached the New Town. In addition to Santa Marina, most of these complexes only operate during summer season and are not suitable for year-round living. Prices for apartments in the area of the Royal beach are higher than the average real estate prices in Sozopol, as they almost always are on the first line. There are a few exceptions, usually linked to promotions in the process of buildings construction.

Kavatsite is a territory on the bay coast in the South of Budjaka, and at least in one part of the the beach is called "Kavatsite", another Smokinite, third Veselie, the beach stripe is one and the same, therefore, we generalize the area with the name that is the most popular - "Kavatsite". The area is quite heterogeneous, there are old campsites and new, large modern complexes, individual homes, hotels. In General, Kavatsite is preferred location for summer holidays because the beach is popular as one of the best south fromBourgas. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time it is provided public transportation to the center of Sozopol. The largest complex here is Green Life Beach Resort - located on the area of approximately 125 000 sq m, the complex has very good infrastructure and many facilities for recreation and entertainment. The average price of apartments is about 700-800 Euro/sq m during the construction phase,to slightly more than 1000 Euro/sq.m for ready to move in apartments. Land prices are around 100 Euro/sq m.

Dunes and Alepu are areas, located in the in the southern part of the municipality of Sozopol, along the namesake beach and lagoon. Offers for sale of apartments in the area are very few, mainly in the complex on the first line of St. Thomas, at price about 1000 Euro/sq. m. There are more offers for sale of plots for construction and agricultural land with a possible change of purpose. Land prices start from 15 Euro/sq m and reach 120-130 Euro/sq.m.

Kuku Bair is a Villa zone, located near the main road Burgas-Tsarevo. Although there are year-round living in the area, the place is more suitable for a summer living. In Kuku Bair offered for sale houses and land plots at prices ranging from 25-30 Euro/sq m.

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